Wind Energy is on the Horizon for the Gulf of Mexico

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Company News

The winds of change are blowing across the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and the region’s energy sector is ready to harness it. The combination of technological development, rising global demands for energy and recent federal legislation have opened up a new horizon for regional power generation. The future may not be certain, but it’s definitely exciting.


The Gulf has been at the heart of the American energy industry for the last few decades, but its promising head start on the wind power boom could expand its reputation into the renewable space. Clean and green have become keywords for the future of energy production, and current initiatives aim to embrace these moves alongside conventional solutions as we navigate what a more hybrid infrastructure could look like for GOM leases. 


Legislating the Way to Clean Energy


The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is set to mark the dawn of a greener era in the energy industry as $370 billion dollars of the federal budget is channeled toward climate and energy programs. The legislative package includes provisions for clean electricity generation and specifically addresses the potential for wind energy in the Gulf.


Part of the administration’s climate strategy includes the expansion of offshore wind generating capacity by at least 30 gigawatts by the end of the decade. It has also identified two potential wind energy areas (WEAs) in the outer continental shelf of the Gulf that could be ideal sites for such a project.


Galveston Coast


The first draft WEA is located off the coast of Texas and is about 24 nautical miles away from Galveston. This site covers an area of approximately 550,000 acres and analysts believe it has the potential to produce enough clean energy to power over 2 million homes. This would follow Texas’ recent record day where 25% of the state’s grid energy came from wind and solar sources.


Lake Charles


The second location lies about 56 nautical miles off the coast of Lake Charles, LA. The proposed area for this site is much smaller, measuring less than 200,000 acres. However, it’s believed to have the capacity to house enough power-generating potential to supply about 800,000 homes.


These two locations only represent a small part of the original 30-million-acre Gulf of Mexico Call Area announced for public comment by the Department of the Interior in 2021. Authorities and experts are considering the potential impacts of the wind leases on maritime activity, wildlife and existing local industries as they develop regulations for these arrangements.


Riding the Waves of Wind Energy in the Gulf


Louisiana, Texas and other coastal states along the GOM coastline have reason to celebrate the oncoming wind train. The development of clean power solutions within the Gulf South’s petroleum hub promises the regional stabilization of energy production and supply into the future. Investments in this sector will not only benefit the industry as a whole, but will offer additional support services to those who operate in its waters.


As one of these support service providers, Pharma-Safe is excited at the prospect of growing and diversifying the energy industry in the Gulf. We are positioned to provide complete third-party health and safety solutions for both renewable and nonrenewable operations with a combination of cutting-edge remote and on-site services. 


Contact us today to learn how Pharma-Safe can power your next energy project!

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