Understanding, Predicting and Preventing Recordable Incidents

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How can third-party safety professionals assist in mitigating OSHA recordable incidents in the workplace?

When a recordable incident occurs, your business needs to be prepared to navigate the complex waters of facilitating a successful return-to-work plan from start to finish. While properly mitigating these incidents can be overwhelming and time consuming, a third-party safety consulting partner can help you to implement a comprehensive case management strategy or effectively manage your caseloads. Hiring an experienced third-party safety consulting company can not only help you facilitate a smooth case management workflow, they can also help to control costs and minimize downtime by understanding, predicting and preventing recordable incidents.


Understanding how and when accidents happen is key. Accidents can happen for many reasons such as staff performing tasks in the same way it’s always been done, even if it’s not the most effective or safest method. Having an experienced, third-party consultant, such as Pharma-Safe, perform a safety audit can help to assess your current procedures and offer an evaluation, letting you know about any unsafe issues observed and delivering a comprehensive corrective strategy. Outside safety consultants can provide an objective analysis to ensure not only your policies and procedures being followed internally but that they adhere to all industry compliance regulations.

It is imperative to understand what constitutes a recordable incident. Some injuries may not qualify as a recordable incident if treated promptly and properly on-site by qualified professionals. Whereas, if that same injured person went to the hospital, it would become a recordable injury. With this in mind, it’s very important to have qualified safety and medical personnel on-site to mitigate the risk of recordable incidents. We offer highly-trained and certified safety and medical professionals, EMT’s or paramedics for your project in order to help reduce recordable injuries.

Recordables can cause a company’s mod rate to rise, and in turn, their insurance premiums to increase. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, the benefits of hiring Pharma-Safe Industrial Services to assist with your safety is well worth the costs it can save in injuries, accidents and the lost time that follows.


You may not be psychic, but with the proper tools and resources, you can reliably predict potential issues in the workplace that could be a hazard to your staff and the environment.

Predicting where or how an injury might occur is critical. Sometimes it helps to have an outside pair of eyes take a fresh look at the safety programs, policies and procedures in place in order to understand potential risks in the workplace. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can supply you with an on-site safety technician or in-house HSE consultant who will be specifically chosen based on your industry and project needs.

Near miss reporting systems are a great tool in predicting where injuries can occur. When a near miss occurs, it is crucial that it is reported. By performing or assisting with an investigation into what almost happened, Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can help to prevent injuries and recordables from occuring in the same manner.

Available data on loss control trending is a wealth of useful information. Taking this information and turning it actionable items is an essential part of the review process. Our team of qualified safety personnel can identify particular areas of the workplace that seem more prone to accidents, investigate why this is happening and develop a corrective action strategy to eliminate the risk and prevent future recordables.


Prevention is the last and probably most important step in making sure that your safety programs are effective in avoiding injuries from occurring in the first place.

Ensure proper utilization of programs designed to prevent accidents from taking place. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can employ programs such as safety environmental management systems, process safety management and spill prevention control and countermeasures to help prevent a workplace disaster.

Thorough accident investigation reports can help prevent more injuries from occurring. Similar to near misses, a thorough accident investigation can identify safety hazards that need to be corrected or they could cause another, potentially worse, accident. Our experienced safety technicians can perform or offer assistance with accident investigations to ensure they are conducted carefully and completely.

Implement any and all suggestions for correcting outstanding issues that were uncovered during a safety audit. Taking the recommended corrective actions following a safety inspection can help to prevent accidents from happening. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can provide the comprehensive safety solutions that your business needs to prevent recordable incidents from taking place and slowing down your project.

If an accident does occur, what can Pharma-Safe Industrial Services do to help?

Pharma-Safe’s team of highly trained and qualified safety and medical personnel can help to ensure any injured persons is properly taken care of from start to finish. We offer turnkey case management services to assist with everything from the incident to return-to-work, which will help control costs and minimize downtime.

When an accident occurs, after the employee is initially taken care of, the injury may need to be reported either to an insurance company or to OSHA, and there should be an investigation as soon as possible. It will go a long way with OSHA if you have already done an investigation and are able to tell them what went wrong and the corrective actions you have taken or plan to take to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Our comprehensive case management services, combined with our safety services, allows our team to provide assistance through all of the aspects of a claim, making sure your injured employee can return to work as soon as possible.

While many third-party safety consulting companies can only manage one aspect of your safety program, Pharma-Safe Industrial Services has the industry experience and the skilled safety and medical personnel to offer a wealth of safety and case management services.

Contact us today to learn more about how Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can be your full-service safety partner.

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