Top Ailments Treated by Remote Paramedics

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Company News

Rig crews and other offshore energy industry workers often struggle to get prompt and adequate medical care compared to their onshore counterparts. Many modern extraction and maintenance installations are positioned in remote locations that are hundreds of miles from a proper hospital or care center. This distance combined with the potential for storms or unfavorable conditions which prevent evacuation are two of the factors that have fueled the rising demand for qualified and accessible telehealth services.

Musculoskeletal Stress and Fatigue

Even though most rig operations are automated or machine-assisted, workers often face demanding physical labor on a daily basis. This creates plenty of opportunities for sprain, strain or bone injuries, which can vary greatly in terms of severity and overall health risk. Remote paramedics may simply recommend that the employee rest for a few days or they may identify the signs of internal bleeding, infection or other emerging developments that necessitates emergency intervention. General fatigue is also an issue on offshore installations and it can have serious, lasting consequences if left unaddressed.

Personal Injuries

The term “personal injury” is among the broadest in the medical field, encompassing virtually any kind of damage to a person’s body not caused by a disease. Minor injuries are a common occurrence in many occupations, so remote paramedics are often tasked with helping workers dress and treat wounds to avoid infection. Like musculoskeletal damage, seemingly minor personal injuries can still have serious health implications if they aren’t properly assessed and managed by a professional.

Respiratory Distress

Struggling to catch a breath can be a terrifying experience for almost anyone, and for good reason. Respiratory distress is a common ailment in most populations. Workers who are exposed to any kind of noxious fumes or allergens can develop life-threatening respiratory issues at an alarming rate. All kinds of viral and bacterial infections, ranging from the common cold to tuberculosis, can also produce these symptoms. In general, workers should be encouraged to seek attention for breathing trouble as soon as possible.

Mental and Emotional Health Concerns

While remote paramedics and emergency health personnel typically focus on threats to a person’s physical health and well-being, they also have to be ready to handle mental and emotional concerns. Workers who spend weeks or months at a time in remote locations can struggle to handle the transition while adapting to their workplace. Some may also suffer from unknown or untreated existing mental health conditions that can place them and their coworkers at risk.

Post-Stroke and Heart Attack Care

Heart attacks and strokes can strike with virtually no warning and can affect people of all ages, not just aging adults. Modern medical science has vastly improved the likelihood of surviving this kind of incident, but only with prompt intervention from professional specialists. Since most remote installations aren’t equipped to provide comprehensive care for cardiovascular episodes, remote medics focus on damage management and keeping the patient healthy while they wait for evacuation.

Getting Trusted Help

Remote paramedic services may not be exactly the same as bed-side care in a hospital, but these services can make all the difference in life or death situations. As a provider of comprehensive and specialized remote medical services for the energy industry, Pharma-Safe takes pride in our commitment to responsive, effective and flexible solutions.

We believe that there’s no substitute for skill and training when lives are at stake. From planning to execution, we constantly assess every stage of our service process to ensure value for our clients and effective health solutions for their employees. To learn more about the services Pharma-Safe can provide for your organization, contact us today.

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