The Benefits of Hiring a Third-Party HSE Consultant for Safety Management

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Company News

Protecting the health and safety of workers and the public while safeguarding the environment is the responsibility of every business, but the risks faced by the oil and gas drilling industry are even greater. Extracting this precious resource from the ground is risky, making dedicated HSE all the more vital.


Having a strategic partner you can trust is the first step in ensuring HSE compliance and avoiding unwanted and unforeseen problems down the line. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services is proud to partner with our clients in all facets of HSE compliance and protection. 


The Benefits of a Full-Service Safety Team


At Pharma-Safe, we work as an extension of your company to not only establish and maintain a comprehensive safety management system for your team, but to ensure your safety plan is adopted and followed by all of your third-party partners. This level of system management frees up valuable time for our clients who would otherwise be bogged down in safety onboarding processes, and when you consider how common third-party partnerships are in oil and gas, it’s a necessity. Furthermore, having a robust safety program in place can also improve your company’s reputation and decrease the risk of legal liability.


We provide everything from health, safety and logistics management services to recommending referral partners from our preferred network of providers who meet our rigorous safety standards. By doing so, we’re able to drastically reduce the risk of incidents in the workplace and save time and money vetting out underqualified providers. 


Investing in a Site-Specific Safety Program


Pharma-Safe’s value lies in our highly trained and dedicated team members and our Site-Specific Safety Programs (SSSP) that are customized for our clients throughout the gas, wind, and pipeline operations across the Gulf South. Through their expertise and experience, our teams can identify the unique operational needs of our clients to develop tailored solution packages that meet your health and safety goals. 


Some of the many factors our SSSPs take into account when developing your safety plan include: 


  • All applicable OSHA, EHS and HSE regulations 
  • Environmental risks 
  • Subcontractor engagement 
  • Equipment safety
  • Company-specific policies 
  • Employee roles and compliance 
  • Process management 
  • Training programs 
  • Emergency response plans 
  • Safety audits


Partner with Pharma-Safe


Throughout the years, Pharma-Safe has succeeded in turning the safety tide for many of our clients in all aspects of their operations. The HSE services we offer run the gamut, from comprehensive hazard assessments designed to prevent accidents to thorough accident investigations to determine how to avoid future occurrences. 


Contact us today to learn more about how Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can benefit your company, your bottom line and your employees. We would be happy to discuss our services, success stories and steps we can take to develop a comprehensive, effective safety management program that protects your greatest assets. 

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