Taking your toolbox talk to the next level

by | Jun 30, 2018 | Company News

Toolbox talks are a great way to offer quick, informal safety training at the beginning of a shift. If you have these meetings regularly, you can include a brief five-minute talk on safety in the workplace. Toolbox talks are an easy way to update your employees on any potential safety problems, new equipment or new hazards in their area.

Pharma-Safe can help you in different ways, either by having our on-site safety technician determine the most appropriate topic for discussion or by having our on-site safety trainer present the toolbox talk or even performing a comprehensive safety audit to identify any risks or safety vulnerabilities. At Pharma-Safe, your safety is our priority.

Safety Problems

One of the best topics to discuss during a toolbox talk is about any recent near-miss incidents or recordables. Toolbox talks are the perfect opportunity to explain what happened, why it happened and what can be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Your employees can get involved by providing feedback and input on ways in which safety can be achieved.

Pharma-Safe’s safety technicians are a great resource to utilize when determining which topics would be best to cover during a toolbox talk. Whether they help to identify and discuss the potential safety issues at your site or lead the toolbox talk, our experienced technicians can help to make sure your employees are aware of safety vulnerabilities and are committed to your company’s overarching safety goals.

New Equipment

Another great topic for a toolbox talk is new equipment. A brief safety overview on safely operating new equipment is a good idea for everyone. It is best to prepare and train all employees — even if they don’t ever plan to operate the equipment themselves — in case of an emergency. Knowing where an emergency stop button is or how to turn the equipment off could help to prevent a major accident.

Pharma-Safe’s safety technicians and consultants can perform trainings to help ensure your employees know how to properly and safely operate your equipment and machinery.

New Hazards

When it comes to your attention that there is a new hazard at your workplace, it is best to make sure everyone is aware of the potential risks. A toolbox talk can be a great way to inform your employees of the hazard, as well as discuss safety procedures and strategies to help prevent accidents from occuring.

Pharma-Safe offers comprehensive safety audits to identify new hazards or potential risks in your workplace, as well as provide recommendations for corrective actions. Regular safety audits can help to determine inefficiencies in your safety program which can then be discussed with your employees during your next toolbox talk.

Successful and Effective Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks can be presented weekly, or even daily, as part of your shift meetings. It’s best to have someone who is trained on the topic being discussed present the toolbox talk. At the end, ask employees if they have any questions, feedback or suggestions so that they can be discussed as a group. It’s important to regularly follow-up with your employees to make sure they understood the material and are adhering to all safety procedures and programs.

Pharma-Safe is your partner in safety. We can help facilitate your toolbox talks in numerous ways, from bringing topics to your attention to presenting the materials in a way that allows your employees to understand the importance of the safety issues at hand. By utilizing our on-site safety technicians and comprehensive safety solutions, we can customize your safety program to align with your company’s overarching goals. Contact us today to learn more about our safety services or to see how partnering with Pharma-Safe can benefit your company.

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