Remote Employee Wellness Program

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Company News

Remote Employee Wellness Program

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. is pleased to introduce the latest enhancement to its suite of services, the Remote Employee Wellness Program.  It is widely known that one of the keys to a safe, productive workforce is employee wellness.  As a leading remote healthcare provider, historically we have worked in a reactive mode, providing care to sick and injured patients in remote environments. We are now offering a proactive approach to remote employee wellness.  Depending on the specific circumstance, the program can be implemented at no cost to the employer. In some cases, health insurance programs provide a significant discount on premiums for 100% compliance.

Here is a summary of the program structure:

  • Wellness Technician (Remote Industrial Paramedic) assists the employee in completion of a Health Risk Assessment Profile
  • Wellness Technician completes lab work and physical assessment
  • All Information is sent in to Provider (Physician)
  • Physician Reviews the Health Risk Assessment Profile, and the results of the physical assessment and labs
  • Physician conducts a telemedicine visit with the employee
  • Employee receives a detailed report, that includes a plan for improvement
  • The employer receives a summary report, that shows a high level view of their employees compliance with the program, and overall health


NOTE: Each Employers Health Insurance Program must be evaluated specific to the reimbursement available for Wellness Benefits.  Each program proposal will be specifically tailored to fit these requirements.  For More information, please contact us at [email protected]

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