How Third-Party Medical Personnel Can Drive HSE initiatives

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Company News, Featured

Implementing effective health, safety and environmental initiatives are key to maintaining a workplace that is safe for your employees. In this blog, we are going to cover five ways that hiring contracted, third-party medical personnel can assist you in achieving your HSE goals.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services’ team of experienced safety and medical personnel can be a great resource in helping your business manage workplace emergencies, increase cost savings, minimize OSHA recordables and handle accident investigations. Our goal is to partner with your business to provide the safety tools, resources and personnel you need to create a safer work environment.

Here are our top five ways businesses can drive HSE initiatives by contracting third-party medical personnel:

1. Workplace Emergencies

When an emergency happens in the workplace, most employees will not know what to do. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services provide trained, skilled industrial paramedics who are adept at handling and assisting with trauma management. Having a third-party medical consultant on-site when an emergency occurs can help to mitigate the loss by directing employees in what to do. They will become an essential member of your team before, during and after an emergency occurs.

2. Cost Savings

Every business wants to save money where they can, especially in the HSE arena. Having on-site paramedics that partner with you, can yield a great savings in medical costs. Our trained paramedics can handle most injuries on-site, keeping you from having to send employees to an outside medical facility, which not only saves on cost, but on time lost—for the injured person and the person who would accompany them.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can also help to save you money by supplying medics who are cross-trained to provide on-site safety technician services and/or clerical services based on your project needs, allowing you to hire one person to fill two needs at your workplace.

3. OSHA Recordables

When it comes to OSHA recordables, less is always better. With trained medics, EMT’s and industrial paramedics on-site, you can mitigate the number of OSHA recordables. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services supply you with highly skilled industrial paramedics and medical personnel who are trained to perform many of the medical tasks in-house that would become a recordable if the injured had to see a doctor at a hospital or clinic. Our team of professionals ensures you are in compliance by letting you know if something is considered an OSHA recordable.

4. PPE

Third-party medical personnel are also a great resource when it comes to determining what type of PPE is appropriate for employees. Pharma-Safe can handle respirator fittings, train staff on the use of various PPE and conduct a job hazard analysis to determine what type of PPE is required—all of which will help keep your business in compliance with the OSHA requirements.

Our personnel are trained in human physiology which allows them to determine what physical strain would be put on the body by doing certain movements or having to move a certain weight. This enables them to determine what PPE is most appropriate for each job.

5. Accident Investigation

Another great way in which on-site, third-party medical personnel can be utilized is by having them assist with accident investigations. Not only are they usually one of the first people to speak with the injured employee to find out what occurred, but they have the knowledge and experience to assess the incident for discrepancies. Additionally, our medics can offer suggestions for modified duty, or how to modify the current position with any restrictions the employee might have due to their injury, allowing them to come back to work as soon as medically possible.

Health, Safety and Environmental initiatives can be driven by utilizing third-party medical personnel.

Whether to assist with workplace emergencies, improve cost savings, manage OSHA recordables or conduct accident investigations, Pharma-Safe Industrial Services can offer you highly skilled and trained medical and safety personnel suited for your project needs.

Our experienced paramedics are trained in the policies and procedures needed to successfully manage an industrial accident from start to finish, and since they are stationed at your site, they can offer continuity of care while documenting the healing and return-to-work process.

Through comprehensive safety services such as safety audits, training, accident investigation and case Management, our team is ready to work with you to drive your HSE initiatives. Contact us today to learn more.

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