How Routine Safety Audits Save BIG

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Company News

Safety is a small word with big implications. It’s something that almost everyone worries about each day, whether they are at home, work or driving their car. When analyzed in an industrial setting, however, the concerns and considerations grow exponentially. That’s why it has become crucial for companies to adopt a more strategic, proactive industrial safety approach to mitigate occupational hazards before they happen—and the answer lies within the data. 


The Power of a Proactive Industrial Culture


Proactive problem-solving and preventative strategies are useful in every area of business management, but equally indispensable when it comes to workplace safety. Every industrial employer can agree all accidents and injuries are one hundred percent preventable. It’s a matter of using historical metrics to help inform more effective decisions to ensure the continuous improvement of your safety programs. 


A proactive company culture is not only beneficial for your workers, but for your company from a big picture perspective. In fact, conducting industrial safety audits and accident investigations can create opportunities for substantial cost-cutting in the future. These measures also improve employee and public relations, which are both valuable resources for companies in high-risk industries.


Predicting Safety Issues with Safety Audits


The three pillars of a proactive safety strategy include predicting potential hazards, planning for those events and preventing them from happening in the first place. By gathering data on everything from near-miss recordables to equipment inspections, you can create an effective prevention plan to keep your organization free of liabilities and the hefty costs they incur.

Incident Investigation


Industrial accidents are not only costly in terms of property damage and loss-of workforce, but they can be devastating to a business’s bottom line. Conducting thorough incident investigations through an unbiased, third-party safety partner can drastically help uncover operational blindspots, minimize the risk of repeat offenses and save you thousands of dollars on repairs and hospital bills in the long run. It’s one of the many reasons that we at Pharma-Safe strive to go above and beyond industry safety standards to establish a sound work environment that prioritizes the organization’s welfare as a whole.


That being said, we recommend going a step ahead by training and encouraging your workers at all levels of your organization to submit near-miss reports when something happens that could have caused an injury. This practice alone can save lives and help companies avoid massive losses by examining areas in need of immediate safety reform. 


Safety Audits


As a trusted business partner in the industrial HSE sector for over 24 years, we can conclude that the need for regular safety audits is grossly underrated. Consider it like an organizational tune-up of the safety concerns within your company from top to bottom. Audits have a systemic approach to investigating and analyzing each process within your custom project scope. Prioritizing those concerns in the order they can most efficiently be addressed, however, can be difficult. 


This kind of detail-oriented approach provides intimate and relevant insight into the day-to-day realities of company operations. It’s likely to uncover at least a few unmitigated risks, but the value in being able to identify these blindspots during an inquiry greatly outweighs the alternative.


Getting Serious About Safety


There are a lot of reasons why companies are turning to safety consultants and service providers like Pharma-Safe Industrial Services to perform their safety audits. Optimizing safety in the workplace is more complex than ever before. 


Contact Pharma-Safe today for help navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the industrial sector. Our team of expert HSE professionals are highly-skilled in empowering teams to adopt new methods, harness advanced technology and make positive, sustainable changes backed by years of expertise.

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