How Hiring Cross-Trained Medical Personnel Can Benefit Your Business

by | May 9, 2019 | Company News

The true cost of hiring an employee is going up. On top of their salary, the non-wage costs are increasing, with no end in sight. Some businesses may choose to hire less employees, but this may cause your business may suffer and the increased strain on the current employees can cause issues with safety, performance or attendance. Other businesses may continue to hire more employees, accepting the additional cost at a loss to their business profits.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services has the ideal solution for your business’s bottom line. We offer highly qualified medical personnel that are cross-trained in safety consultation and even clerical duties to help fill multiple job duties and keep costs of your project within budget.


  • Hiring third-party medical personnel typically yields better, more efficient results as they are flexible enough to perform multiple job roles and requirements as your facility sees fit.
  • Cross-trained personnel can typically fill the roles of multiple full-time employees, reducing overall costs without sacrificing efficient operations.
  • By utilizing medical personnel who are trained in multiple areas, it becomes easier for them to build relationships in multiple departments, boosting the morale of your business and increasing the potential of teamwork to be possible between multiple departments.


Medical personnel are an invaluable part of your staff when employees are injured on the job, but when they are not tending to injuries, medical personnel are often left with nothing to do. Hiring third-party, cross-trained medics who are able to jump over and assist with clerical duties or do a safety walkthrough is more cost effective. Our team assesses the needs of your project to determine if a cross-trained medic best suits your needs. Many of our safety technicians and consultants are cross-trained to assist with a wide variety of medical and clerical duties. The flexibility and broad skill set of cross-trained safety personnel improves the overall value of hiring for your company.


With Pharma-Safe’s cross-trained safety technicians, costs go down and efficiency goes up. Instead of hiring two full-time, salaried employees, you can contract one of our cross-trained safety and medical consultants to tackle multiple duties for your project with a huge cost savings for your business.

Another benefit of hiring Pharma-Safe’s elite team of safety technicians is that the more our personnel get to know multiple areas within your business, the better advice they can offer overall for both your project and company. Our highly-skilled and trained safety and medical staff can not only treat any employees who get injured, they can also assist in performing an investigation into the incident and manage the case from start-to-finish. By hiring third-party, cross-trained safety personnel, you can increase cost savings by minimizing downtime and improving return-to-work outcomes for injured workers.

Team Building

When employees have experience in only one area of your business, they’re often siloed and able to assist with only that one job, but by contracting employees who are cross-trained in other areas, they can get to know staff in other departments. By forging relationships across all departments, cross-trained staff can easily collaborate with other employees to improve efficiencies and encourage departments to work together, building a stronger overall team and helping your business run more smoothly.

When employees work together and form relationships with each other, overall morale and productivity often increase. Working together as a cohesive unit, enables you to more easily meet business goals in a timely manner. Our quality safety consultants are highly experienced and trained in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Familiarity with your full-time staff can provide a unique perspective that can make a significant difference in how a job is managed—especially in the case of an emergency.

Pharma-Safe Safety Solutions

Whether they’re tending to the needs of an injured worker, evaluating your safety program or assisting with various clerical work, contracting our highly trained and experienced personnel will allow your business to run more efficiently. By working in different departments throughout your organization, they have a unique perspective that allows them to gather objective information about your business and your current safety program to implement new strategies that better help you meet your safety and business goals.

The added benefits of team building, flexibility and increased cost savings make hiring Pharma-Safe’s experienced safety professionals an easy decision to benefit your bottom line. Contact us today to learn more about Pharma-Safe and how our cross-trained safety and medical personnel can benefit your business.

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