How Can You Provide Effective Safety Training with the Great Crew Change?

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Company News

The Great Crew Change refers to the aging demographic of baby boomers and the fact that in the next five to 10 years a large part of the workforce will be retiring. Right now, many of these workers, who range in age from mid-50’s to mid-70’s, are still working because they can’t afford to retire while others are still working because there is no one available who has the knowledge or experience to replace them. This mass exodus from the workplace is going to require many new employees who will not only have to be trained on safety but on your company specific programs.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services offers customizable safety training programs specifically geared toward the needs of your company. Whatever your industry, the size of your company or your location, Pharma-Safe can provide comprehensive and detailed safety training for your employees.

How Can You Make Sure Everyone is Trained Effectively?

With the ongoing decrease in highly experienced workers, the new employees you hire will need to have effective safety training so there is not an increase in accidents and injuries which could be very costly to your business. One sure-fire way to make sure all of your employees are trained effectively is to have someone with the latest and up-to-date safety information facilitating the training.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services offers professional safety trainers who will come to your worksite, which saves you travel costs, time and money that would be spent on sending numerous employees to be trained off-site. An added bonus to everyone doing their training at the same time is that you know all of your employees have the same information regarding safety at your worksite.

What Methods of Training Work Best?

The younger generations are very computer savvy, so computer-based training (CBT) is a great option if you have a quality internet connection and all of your workforce is comfortable with online learning. However, many workplaces with remote locations and employees of all ages and backgrounds do not have that option. The most popular and effective method of safety training is to have the employees and instructor go through the training in person. One benefit to this type of training is it can be used for large or small groups of employees. This allows for questions to be asked and answered right away in real time.

Pharma-Safe Industrial Services has safety consultants who will come to your site, which also allows them to assess and evaluate any areas in which specific questions arise and address them while they are present.

Final Thoughts

Accidents cost businesses money, not only in the substantial cost of the injury itself but also in the production time lost, training replacements if necessary and insurance premiums rising due to increased accidents. With the high turnover, many businesses will face in the next 10 years, qualified safety training is imperative to the success of your business and to the safety of your employees.

Hiring professional, third-party safety trainers, such as those retained by Pharma-Safe, will ensure you have experienced and qualified personnel to train all of your crew in the most successful and cost-effective way. Not only can we do your safety training, but we also can perform a safety audit, aid with accident investigations, develop a behavior-based safety program and so much more. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Pharma-Safe for your comprehensive safety solutions.

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