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As we know from working in the O&G Industry, our business can be a dangerous place. Safety and Health have always been a prime concern for companies working in the Industry to keep their employees safe and healthy. Having professionally trained personnel on location can greatly aid in protecting our employees and treating injury and illness on a timely basis.
Taking your toolbox talk to the next level

Taking your toolbox talk to the next level

Toolbox talks are a great way to offer quick, informal safety training at the beginning of a shift. If you have these meetings regularly, you can include a brief five-minute talk on safety in the workplace. Toolbox talks are an easy way to update your employees on any...

Remote Employee Wellness Program

Remote Employee Wellness Program Pharma-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. is pleased to introduce the latest enhancement to its suite of services, the Remote Employee Wellness Program.  It is widely known that one of the keys to a safe, productive workforce is employee...

Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic Injuries

Dr. Jonathan Shults, an Orthopedic Specialist reviews the assessment and initial treatment of Orthopedic injuries at the December 2014 Pharma-Safe Industrial Remote Medicine Course.

Safety Meeting

Safety Meeting

Pharm-Safe Industrial provides a variety of support services to the Oil & Gas Industry.  Here, one of our HSE professionals conducts a safety meeting.

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