Benefits of Remote Healthcare for Oil and Gas

by | May 9, 2022 | Company News, Featured

Telemedicine and remote paramedics are powerful health and safety solutions for many industries, but few stand to benefit from these innovations as much as oil and gas operators. This emerging field has proven itself as a reliable way to improve safety for workers and reduce unnecessary expenses—particularly for offshore rigs. Appreciating the benefits of remote healthcare for oil and gas companies can change the way operators address health and safety across their entire organization.


Simply put, remote healthcare saves lives. Chances are your extraction projects require your workforce to operate in isolated areas, and considering the high-risk nature of the industry, it’s critical to provide your team with immediate access to healthcare providers. A recent situation involving an offshore worker is powerful evidence to this fact. The individual went into cardiac arrest while working on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately, the Pharma-Safe Remote Paramedic on-site was able to provide prompt care that saved the person’s life without any lasting injury or debilitation. It’s those dire moments that truly solidify the need for 24/7 access to care.


The Benefits of Remote Healthcare


Oil and gas operators have many decisions to make and they usually aren’t easy. It’s difficult to quantify and balance the different priorities, metrics and risks at play. Here’s the thing though, your workers are your greatest assets that determine the success and failure of your operations at every move.  That kind of accountability and trust is well worth the overall investment in their well-being. These solutions offer significant benefits in every major area of concern with little (if any) downside compared to alternate solutions.


Effective Urgent Care


Every moment counts when someone’s life is on the line. Early intervention can drastically improve patient survival rates and reduce the risk of long-term effects. Oil and gas employers that partner with Pharma-Safe enjoy the assurance that their employees have access to remote healthcare any time—day or night while working on a rig.


Immediate Diagnosis and Response


Receiving a prompt diagnosis for medical concerns has several tangible benefits in remote and offshore sites. Immediate diagnosis means correct and adequate treatment can be prescribed promptly for workers—reducing the risk of further complications or escalations. Improved on-site diagnostics also provide substantial cost savings for operators by eliminating unnecessary medical evacuations, which can be extremely expensive and disruptive.


Prevention Planning


Planning for prevention is always the best healthcare solution. Telemedicine offers the opportunity for team-wide access to preventative care to improve the overall health of the workforce. Being health conscious isn’t just about addressing physical needs. It can also proactively address the emotional and psychological needs of workers to create a more productive and wholesome environment.


Employee Empowerment


Embracing remote healthcare ensures employees have access to essential services around the clock⁠—something we believe all employers should provide if their projects consist of isolated locations away from family, friends and primary healthcare providers.

Leaders who invest in their employees receive the same loyalty in return. We’re humanscare for your people and they will care for you. It’s the simplest, most authentic way to boost employee morale and retention. Let’s face it, retaining effective and experienced workers can be one of the single biggest challenges in oil and gas operations. Showing your team that you value their safety and contributions is huge in keeping them engaged. 


Take Your Healthcare to the Next Level


The challenge of telemedicine is bridging the gap between technological innovation and the conventions of the medical field. Pharma-Safe Industrial Services has made this area one of our priorities so we can better serve our clients, especially those in high-risk industries like oil and gas. 


Contact us to discuss a scalable solution that works best for your land and offshore operations.

We know how overwhelming these decisions can be for operators. That’s why we encourage you to contact us to discuss your remote medical needs and how our services can facilitate your core mission. Our team is ready to help you take your healthcare to the next level with modern solutions to an old problem.

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